About Us

The Southbridge Housing Authority is a non-profit public agency authorized by Section 26k of Chapter 121 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  The Authority was organized and adopted by-laws on May 24, 1943.

With the assistance of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (H.U.D.) and the Massachusetts Executive Office of Communities and Development (D.H.C.D), the Housing Authority is responsible for administering public housing programs to meet the needs of low income families, the elderly, and the handicapped.

Appointments will be made on Monday and Fridays ONLY.

Walk-ins will be accepted Tuesdays and Thursday from 9:00am to 3:30pm.

Any individual who believes he or she has been denied employment or housing, discharged, or has suffered discrimination in compensation or in the terms, conditions, or privileges of employment or housing on the basis of race, color, religious creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, age, ancestry, disability, marital status, veteran status, membership in the armed forces, presence of children, or political beliefs, receipt of public assistance rental assistance or housing subsidy or any other basis prohibited by law, has the right to file a complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD).

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